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Standing In My Own Power August 6, 2013

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How we talk to ourselves and others about what we desire can have an impact on what actually transpires. What words we say and how we declare it can influence how we go after our goals and desires, and if we even do, for that matter.

A tree can be a magnificent, strong tree; a flower a beautiful, fragrant flower; a bird a glorious, soaring bird; each with their own power and truth. We too can be our truth by standing in our own power of who we are and who we desire to be.

DancerLast week, I was in a feeling like I was in a rut in trying to move forward with my career here in Nova Scotia. By my career, I mean teaching yoga. It has been my desire to teach and I know this in my soul. But there were some things holding me back. I was afraid of failing, others judging my teaching style, people not wanting to attend my classes, unsure of the new community around me, worried that I wouldn’t inspire my students like I desire to, and scared to actually let go of my career with the bank. I discussed this with my Life Coach, Leanne Whiting. Through this the following came out.

We discussed all of these things that I felt were in my way of being a yoga instructor, in detail. She wrote them all down, then we went through them again. This time she told me what I was saying to myself. This I found this very interesting. My immediate responses verbally defended myself. Everything in my intuition, and physically in my body, was telling me what she was saying was not right. Hearing what I had been saying to myself said back to me flipped a switch with me. What I thought was my truth, was the other side of my real truth. Deep inside, as we continued to go through each of my internal struggles with teaching yoga, I found my true desire and was able to communicate that to her, and most importantly, to myself.

When I got home from this session, while I was creating a vision board of all of the pieces I needed to remind my self of, I watched an online video posted by a lady here in Nova Scotia. I had the pleasure of meeting Rashana at a Shamanic Music Journey one night. Here is what caught my attention the most in her video. She talked about commanding what we desire, not just wishing for it. Vocalizing our desires by declaring that which we desire to come into effect. Learning to stand in our own power when going after that which we desire. Knowing that what we declare to ourself is what can and will transpire.

When I say, “I wish I was a yoga teacher” I don’t own that statement. I don’t command my desire to be fulfilled. It’s like it is far off in the distance. But when I say, “I will be a yoga teacher”, and then “I am a yoga teacher”, I become that. I believe what we say and do vibrates inside us, deep in our souls, and then expands from us out into the world, for it to be manifested.

The message I heard from Rashana hit home, and right after my meeting with my life coach. My perception on my ability to give in yoga is what needed clarity. I know I can stand in my own power to continue forward on this journey. This is when the world opens up to you and synchronicity shines its lovely face.

So at the end of last week, I chose to break the last link in my chain to the bank. I sent in my letter of resignation. I have closed that door to make space for opening the new doors to take me into the rest of my life.

How do you go after that which you desire? Do you set an intention? Do you find you talk about it more? Do you wish on the first star you see at night? How does that desire then show up in your life? Does it?

Please share your comments and follow me next week…on The Open Road.

Also, if you’re curious about the two amazing ladies referenced in the article, here are their websites:


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